do you have a routine?

I do. I thrive on routine. When it gets changed, my whole world goes off kilter. I find it easier to maintain my responsibilities with a set routine and an active to-do list.

What does a normal day for me look like? I get up with my husband around five am so that I can have some quiet time with him. When he goes to get ready for his day, I break out the computer and get some editing done. At seven, I sprint with my writing buddy. After that, I write until around ten. Then I try to nap until one, when I have to start getting ready for my day job. If it’s quiet, I can get some writing and/or editing done at the office. When I get home around eleven thirty at night, I unwind by reading for pleasure or listing to a podcast. Then it’s time to snuggle down in bed with the husband and the dogs. Household chores and outside errands are done around my basic schedule or on my days off.

It’s a busy schedule and routine. Sometimes I can get overwhelmed, and I have to take a day off for my mental health (a blog post about that will be coming soon). That’s why I have my google calendar, a spiral-bound planner, and a to-do list. I write my to-do list down on paper because it makes me feel good to see what I’ve crossed off. I feel accomplished. Hey, do whatever works for you.

I’m blessed to have a husband and children that step up and take on responsibility since I’m gone for most of the afternoon and night. They do the lion’s share of the cooking and laundry. We each have our chores, and we come together to make sure they’re all done. I know not all of you have that, so I encourage you to try and find a schedule, routine, and tools that can help you achieve your goals. I’ll list my favored products here, with links, in case you want to give them a try.

Let me know your tips, tricks, and suggestions. I’m always on the lookout for new ways to be productive!

Here’s my current paper planner. It’s small, sturdy, and the unicorn adds a touch of fancifulness that I like.

This is my current pad of to-do notes. I love them.

And, for those of you who prefer reusable, I have a Rocketbook option for you. These erasable, reusable notebooks are awesome! I use mine often and with much glee.

And don’t forget: you can ONLY use erasable pens with the Rocketbook!

Other than my google calendar, those are the only tools I need to keep me organized. If you find them useful, let me know. And if I can help you plan a routine and/or schedule that works for you, drop me a message. We’ll talk about it.

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