Introducing magnolia author services

I’m so excited to bring you Magnolia Author Services. My hope is that I can provide the superior editing you deserve at prices you can afford.

I can remember how frustrating it was when I was looking for an editor for my first book. All the prices were way out of my little budget. I finally got lucky and stumbled across a fabulous editor. Now, I feel like it’s my turn to help others. With a degree in English, and the steps I’m taking to obtain a Creative Writing degree, I know I can help authors realize their dream of publishing a great (edited!) book.

If you look over my website, you’ll see authors I’ve worked with and read some of their testimonials. And right now, as an introductory offer, new clients who book before May 1, 2020 will receive 25% off! (You can book as far out as you need to; you just need to have it scheduled before May 1.)

I do offer a contract to the authors I work with, and I also offer a hard copy for copy/line edits. (A hard copy will be printed from the word doc the author sends me and the price will be added on to the total amount. I’ll cover the mailing costs of the hard copy after edits are complete.)

I’ve also included a list of trusted service providers on my site. I hope you can find them useful.

Thank you for starting this journey with me!

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