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The authors featured here were in no way compensated for their kind words.

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I believe in the power of recommendations. The authors featured here offered their kind words when asked, but did not receive anything other than a thank you.

I do not believe in offering financial compensation or services in exchange for a recommendation.

rita pamplin, author of dear cancer

Beth is a wonderful editor. She went above and beyond to help with my book; from editing it, to helping me get a book cover; to helping me get my book uploaded to Amazon and draft2digital. She was patient and kind, and I will use her over and over again.

aurora paige, author of merry in mykonos

Beth was easy to work with. She gave me good feedback on my edits. She also responded quickly to my emails. Beth was also able to squeeze an unexpected second pass I needed done into her schedule. I appreciated that!

elise davis, author of Turning back time (crestfield inn, book 1)

I love how Beth breaks down developmental edits by chapter, which makes it easy to understand my weaknesses and how to fix them. She’s always on schedule and quick with responses to questions and scheduling. Beth is easy to work with, and I highly recommend her editing services.

erin scoggins, author of the bride and doom

Beth is an invaluable part of my author team and easy to work with. I count on her attention to detail to catch all those little things that slip through during the editing process. Once she gives a manuscript the thumbs-up, I know it’s ready for publication.

more lovely

These wonderful authors have trusted me with their books, and I promise to take as much care with your manuscript and I do theirs.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

rosalie jardin, author of Prescription for a lonely heart

Beth went above and beyond as an editor. As a first-time author, I was very nervous about the novel writing/editing process. Beth helped me every step of the way, giving me valuable feedback via a developmental edit. She helped me strengthen my novel, molding it into a narrative I am proud of. All at an affordable rate. Would definitely recommend.

barbara russell, author of The royal occult bureau (the royal occult bureau, book 1)

Working with Beth is always a pleasure. She’s patient, professional, and meticulous in her work. Her comments are helpful but also encouraging and funny. I highly recommend working with her.

a.k. macbride,author of instant heat: a whirlwind romance (Breathing hearts, book 1)

Finding Beth was like finding my very own genie. She creates miracles with my manuscripts and on top of that, she’s the nicest person to work with.

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